"If you want something you've never had ...
you have to do something you've never done ... "
Thomas Jefferson

Who I am

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Hello! I'm Olfa Haniche

I am an AIS sommelier and I work as an export manager and commercial consultant for some Italian wineries. Above all I am a great lover of wines and of the history that hides behind every territory, wine and producer.

I love to listen to the voice of those who produce it and I like to share my tasting experiences with others, aware that wine is above all this: Sharing.

The idea of Vinàvie online tastings was born from a habit I have as a profession, every time I insert a new wine in my portfolio, before offering it to my customers, I always taste it with my friends and fellow sommeliers, real and proper adventure companions. Together with them I share sensations, information and all the emotions that emerge in a moment of pleasure and lightheartedness: this is what I want to offer my public, a few "technicalities" and the opportunity to discover and learn more about wines that, in my opinion, are deserving to be known by a wider audience.

We will start with my beloved Tuscany and then offer you some wines from other Italian regions with all the typicality and beauty of each territory. But we won't stop there! the discovery will continue with French and Spanish wines and proposals from the new world. In short, we will not be bored ... Stay Tuned!

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